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In order to maintain a healthy smile and optimum overall health, we strongly believe that prevention is key!

There are several different products designed to help protect your teeth from injuries or damage as a result of a blow to the face or grinding and clenching your teeth at night.

There are also products to help prevent snoring and to help prevent cavities from developing on biting surfaces of the molars.

We strongly encourage everyone involved in sports to wear a mouthguard! It is such an easy way to protect your teeth should you get an elbow, a puck or any other hit to the mouth. We take an impression of your upper teeth and fabricate a custom-fit mouthguard that can be worn quite comfortably - it doesn't get much easier than that! They come in a variety of colours so you can choose one to match your team uniform. We will also give you instructions on proper care of your mouthguard.

A biteplane can be used to treat numerous conditions including grinding and/or clenching and TMJ problems. It is normally worn at night to lesson the effects of grinding or clenching, which if left untreated can lead to cracks or wear of the teeth making them more susceptible to fractures and sensitivity. Grinding and clenching can also contribute to facial pain, headaches, as well as neck and shoulder tension.

Biteplanes are fabricated in much the same way as mouthguards. Upon delivery, any necessary adjustments are made to ensure a comfortable fit. We will provide you with instructions on proper care of your new appliance. Occasionally it may need slight adjustments depending on how severe you grind and/or clench. We also recommend you bring your biteplane to your hygiene appointments so that we can put it in our ultrasonic cleaner. This also gives us the opportunity to see how it is holding up and see if any adjustments are needed.

Airway obstruction is the primary cause of snoring. During sleep the muscles in your soft palate, tongue and throat relax. The throat muscles can relax to a point where they vibrate causing snoring. A snoring appliance works by positioning the lower jaw forward and open in such a way that it opens the airway and improves airflow so that the muscles do not vibrate as much. Two appointments are required to make the appliance. During the first appointment impressions are taken so that a custom-fitting appliance can be made. The second appointment will be to deliver the appliance and provide you with instructions on use and care.

Sealants are a thin plastic material placed in the grooves of the back teeth. It is very common to have deep grooves on the chewing surfaces of back teeth, making them more susceptible to cavities. The sealant material is designed to flow into those grooves to prevent bacteria and food from getting in and breaking down the enamel. The procedure is done in one visit and does not take very long. A special light is used to harden the material so that there is no waiting to eat. Sealants can last for many years; thus protecting our teeth during those cavity-prone years.

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February is National Children’s Dental Health Month.

All of our operatories are equipped with televisions so that you can catch up on the latest news, sporting event or Hollywood gossip! We also have neck pillows for you comfort.

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